Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe and has been a major manufacturer to its neighboring countries of the entire continent. Still, thanks to its diverse historical backgrounds, this country has been renowned for its quality of medical education, just as in Czech and Hungary.

flag of poland
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

A handful of famous English Medical Universities are found in Poland, and these are populated by a various nationalities inside and outside Europe. Furthermore, it has been one of first countries that have allowed quite huge migrated populations from Asian countries, such as Vietnam and China, not to mention its geographically closest neighbor of Germany.

The admission procedure is not too different from Hungarian and Czech medical universities, testing basic knowledge in biology, chemistry, as well as English. This makes it a lot easier and handier to apply for various English medical universities in these countries of central Europe.

church poland square cracow
Photo by Caio Resende on Pexels.com




a sociomedical activist with own career of medical studies and education service

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