Preliminary Inspection Application for Transfer・Admission Testing Exemption

Before filling this out,

➊ This Preliminary Inspection does NEITHER guarantee NOR imply the acceptance at your destination institute.

➋ Any Incomplete or Incorrect information provided will incur inaccurate inspection result and may cause you more inconvenience.

➌ EU Meducation does NOT save, re-sell, or collect any of your Personal Data, Credentials, or Academic Reports without any consent and may utilize your information provided during this submission for marketing and diagnostic purposes.

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Your credentials are required for our preliminary inspection prior to Transfer Application. All your personal data and academic records will be processed and not be stored without your consent in accordance with EU/EEA regulations on Privacy and Safety.

Do you agree to continue with this preliminary inspection? *
(*Answering "Yes" automatically show your consent for EU Meducation to request, process, and utilize your credentials including Passport and Current/Previous Academic Reports. If you do NOT agree, please do NOT proceed here.)
This preliminary inspection is conducted free of charge, may take up to 14 business days.
As a part of inspection, you are required to upload your credentials, including Transcripts from the current (and previous) institute(s).

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(*In case you do NOT show a full consent, please do NOT proceed here.)
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