Please provide the following in order to request the cancellation of your itinerary.

Once this request is submitted fully but with no faulty information provided, the refund shall commence with no earlier than 5 business days and take a practical period of time, which depends on the administrative policies of the actual 3rd party service provider of your itinerary. Depending on the service provider, this may take up to 90 days, and EU Meducation is NOT liable for this time period to verify and administer such refund. In general, the finalized refundable amount may vary depending on any incurring service charges and transaction fees.

In case of further inquiry, please contact us here.

Cancellation Request

Cancellation Request

Itinerary Cancellation and Refund Application

➊ as on the itinerary
➊ as on the itinerary
➊ as on the itinerary
➊ This MUST be identical to the name on the itinerary.
➋ If the name is different, the refund may NOT be proceeded due to security reasons.
Bank Address *
Address of Account Holder
➊ Choose the actual date of departure/check-in with this itinerary scheduled via EU Meducation.
➊ Scan both Personal Info section and Signature section.
➋ Photographic and text information must be verifiable.
➌ Good quality of scan is required and .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .pdf are allowed.


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