Already a registered member of ours?

Then, you are eligible for our Culture Exchange Tourism program, with the destinations where other registered members are waiting for your visit. Or, simply you can apply to be a host, waiting for other visitors to accompany you for your local tours.

All you need to do is to apply for either a host or a visitor through our online registration form below. As soon as we can find your best match, you will be notified for your next step.

Most importantly, in order to participate in this tourism program, you may have to send both criminal and medical records of yours. These are required only to let both participants of the same tourism program know of each other. Our EU Meducation® does not have any legal right or responsibility to request and keep these record from anyone.

Also, each individual has to be insured properly.

Since EU Meducation® “only introduces” the participants group to each other, it does not have any legal responsibility and cannot be sued against due to any unexpected circumstances regarding this tourism program.

Once again, you do not need to pay us for your Culture Exchange Tourism programs!