Teaching Hospitals

University Hospitals + EU and non-EU accredited hospitals

Basically, all medical universities (including veterinary medicine of Budapest) operate their own teaching hospitals around the country.

However, thanks to Bologna Process, Erasmus Exchange Program, as well as Schengen Agreement, the students of Hungarian medical universities are “legally and lawfully” eligible for clerkship and clinical internship in any other EU countries and Norway, Switzerland, and some other accredited teaching hospitals around the world (*specifically in Japan, Korea, and US.)

Therefore, the students are NOT limited to complete their clinical practices within Hungarian system but are more recommended to participate in the accredited teaching hospitals “as long as their language skills are eligible.” Usually, the language skills are not required to be higher than B2 (*high-intermediate) level for “medical students.” Rather, it is their own active preparation to apply for any “open” programs around the world, not to mention EU member states.

In this respect, Germany and Switzerland are two most popular destinations for medical students at Hungarian universities since their language barrier is NOT TOO HIGH and they are offered a special “preparatory language classes (online and offline)” by EU Meducation. Any medical students are highly welcomed to enroll for Online Language classes with monthly subscriptions as well as Summer Language and Clerkship opportunities available in Germany and Switzerland, which are assisted by EU Meducation from consultation to prepare the language skills and transcript to the actual application process.

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