Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Less than 50% of US Medical Schools, but with same Accreditation

Note that all Hungarian medical universities are public and follow the very similar regulations enforced by their government, the tuition fees also range highly similar to one another.

  • General Medicine: $9,000 USD per semester
  • Dentistry: $9,500 USD per semester
  • Pharmacy: $5,000 USD per semester
  • Veterinary Medicine: 
  • $6,250 USD per semester

Unfortunately, the Hungarian universities do not offer that various scholarship opportunities or student loan options. Rather, the best 1-3 students each semester gets rewarded either full scholarship or 30-50% discount on their next tuition fee.

However, the US citizens have been offered a special discount on their tuition fees, in general, as well as Fulbright and FAFSA may be eligible (*depending on actual academic years.)

Living Cost

The average living cost in Hungary can range between $600 and $1,500 USD, depending on the type of rent and cities. Obviously, this is still about 30 – 50% of California or New York, just to name a few.

  • monthly rent: $500 USD for 2-bed apartment
  • utility cost: $150 USD for 2 people (*seasonal difference may apply)
  • public transport: $140 USD for “Annual Student Pass”
  • sales tax: 27% (*some dairy and meat products have lower rate)

In summary, “Grand Total” during 6-year General Medicine will be about 10-30% of what US medical students pay (*including 2-4 years of “Premedical Studies at Bachelor’s Degree Programs.)

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