Can I go to the US and work as a doctor?

ECFMG will certify students of Hungary and Italy From 2020, California changes its accreditation policies, which subsequently affect WFME accreditation procedure

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Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma
  • English Level (B1 or higher)
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics knowledge

*Additional pre-requisites may apply.

Academic Features

Majority of European English Medical Universities provide 6-year programs. Some dentistry and pharmacy courses are designed as 5-year programs, with separate 4-year “Master’s” program opportunities.

Accreditation & Recognition

All medical universities of European Union are accredited in the US, Canada, UK, Swiss, Japan, and many more. Graduates develop their medical careers in all EU member states as well as in the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, and others. 

  • Tuition Fee $3,500

    Depending on the state regulations, the international students pay different range of tuition and extra fees.

  • Qualification

    Medical Degrees available only in German after German Preparatory Course (Studienkolleg)

  • Living Cost $12,000

    With regional variations, average living cost for international students ranges between $500 and $1,500 per month.

  • Tuition Fee $2,000

    Public medical universities set different ranges of tuition fees for international students - $4,000 or LESS per year.

  • Qualification

    Universal standardized test score (IMAT) is evaluated, with additional pre-requisites depending on the countries where graduated secondary schools are located.

  • Living Cost $8,000

    In general, the northern/urban areas have higher tuition fees and living costs, like in Milan, Rome, Bologna. Dormitories are available for the majority of international students.

  • Tuition Fee $18,000

    All 4 medical universities have similar amount of tuition fees. National scholarship is available depending on nationalities.

  • Qualification

    Written and Oral Entrance Exam is offered, with Entrance Exam Exemption opportunity under certain academic conditions.

  • Living Cost $8,000

    In Budapest, where tremendous number of tourists are gathering every month, the students do not spend more than $1,000 per month, when sharing apartments with their friends.

The best parts of studying medicine in the EU are "accredited throughout the world, available job opportunities in Germany/Swiss/UK/US/Canada/Japan, and super low tuition fees and living costs."

*Details of qualifications may vary depending on the GPA, language skills, and nationality.

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