Looking for scholarship opportunities?

It’s so simple, and only 5 Steps are required!

  1. Choose your favorable university or institution to apply for,
  2. Start to fill in your admission application form (*online and/or printed version),
  3. Select “EU Meducation®” as your “Agency” on the list of agencies                                (*or indicate in the field of Agency Choice or any relevant one),
  4. Complete and confirm your admission application form,
  5. Get accepted and enroll your first semester as a “full-time.”

, and now “Send us your Documents and Wait for your First Scholarship(**)!”

(**Documents include: copy of your acceptance letter, bank transfer certificate of your tuition and registration fees,  your registered Student ID number, and the SWIFT/IBAN information of your bank account.

First Scholarship will be transferred within 30 calendar days, and its amount and “next eligible time of your scholarship” will be informed at the time of your First Scholarship application.)


Now, you must be wondering “how and why they are giving away scholarship,” right?

The answer is also simple. We are trying to provide the refund as a form of scholarship for our member students with a certain amount of rebate received from different institutions, based on each contract established, together with an additional financial support as a form of voucher (or any other equivalent medium) contributed by each institution. The philosophy behind is we believe the first step and final goal of studying medicine should be “sharing and realizing,” which can be observed from our “scholarship” policies.

Of course, if you are interested, we can help you to donate these scholarship and financial support opportunities to those children in true need and/or other fellow students struggling with their financial situations. Also, you can participate in any of our “volunteer programs” apart from this donation movement. Once again, all these donation and volunteer programs absolutely depend on “your good will.”

(*For verification purposes, the photos and videos containing specific proof and data of scholarship donation as well as volunteer programs will be uploaded on a regular basis.)


You Deserve It

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