▪︎ Medicine (6 years)

▪︎ Dentistry (5 years)

▪︎ Pharmacy (5 years)

▪︎ Veterinary (6 years)

we provide

Personalized Planning

Finding your most personalized "medical study" options
and "academic" careers

Practical Study Tips

Appropriate study materials
and tips from currently active
and graduate students

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Discounted Airfare,
Health Insurance
Exclusive within Europe

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Global Accreditation

The Countries accredited European English Medical Universities (EEMU) 

▪︎ US (*California)

▪︎ United Kingdom

▪︎ Canada

▪︎ Australia

▪︎ New Zealand

▪︎ Japan

▪︎ Korea

▪︎ Singapore

▪︎ Vietnam

and more countries

After 6-year programs,
the students will find
residency opportunities
around Europe, Asia,
and North America.
General Medicine
MD Degree Programs
Dentistry students
find their programs
more practical
as job opportunities
are worldwide and
with shorter period
than Medicine.
DMD Degree Programs
Multi-national pharmaceutical corporations as well as conventional hospital settings can be your workplaces.
Pharm D Degree Programs

We Speak
Your Language

Our dedicated global mentors are current/graduate medical students

Based on personal experience from European Medical Schools, our mentors will answer to your questions from Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, US, and Korea.