Transfer and Exemption

Transfer Policy

Transfer to UMCH is allowed when the following conditions are fully met:

  • Currently attending EU-based “medical universities”
  • All compulsory subjects are completed at current university
  • Current GPA should be 3.0 or higher (*other Letter Grade or 1-5 Grade Scale will be converted, accordingly)

Once the conditions are met, the eligible candidates must first provide us with their credentials and pay the fees and service charge. Within 2 weeks from the final submission of all required documents, the candidate will receive the official letter of decision from UMCH.

Since UMCH starts with “Winter Semester,” the candidates are recommended to start their Transfer Application from February in order to fill up any “missing” factors to be evaluated, if applicable.

Admission Test Exemption Policy

UMCH does NOT offer any “Test Exemption” during Admission Process. Therefore, the applicants with BSc. or higher degrees (*especially the ones awarded from non-EU institutions/universities) MUST submit all the required documents and meet the same requirements as “regular” candidates and take the admission test by requesting an appointment through EU Meducation.

Despite this “regular” admission testing, the applicants may try to obtain “Credit Transfer,” which needs to be discussed with their course instructors in the very beginning of their first semester at UMCH. At this stage, it does NOT matter whether the previous credits awarded are from EU or non-EU countries since this becomes more of “instructor’s jurisdiction” to thoroughly compare the individual subjects of UMCH curriculum and those from the previous institution/university of applicants.

In short, Test Exemption does NOT exist even though there is still a chance to get “Credits Transferred” upon the commencement of UMCH semester.

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