Here are 5 quick facts that you may want to ask about “how Italian medschools are.” But, please do remember that there are both pros and cons for everything, with no exception to these Italian medical universities.

  1. ALL applicants must take IMAT (all Multiple Choice Questions,)
  2. Some universities require “Transfer Applicants” also take IMAT,
  3. Acceptance of applicants are separated into two different categories: EU vs. non-EU applicants,
  4.  EVERYONE must hold “high school diploma (*even for the degree holders),”
  5. Additional “Country-Specific” requirements may apply (*e.g. US high school graduates,) and
  6. “Non-Italian” education equivalency certification through Italian consulates of jurisdiction

Non-Italian Education Equivalency

All applicants MUST contact appropriate Italian Consulate General or Embassy, whose jurisdiction governs “the region where graduated high school is located,” apart from where they currently reside. Since these procedures take usually 4 weeks or longer and differ in details, depending on the regions/countries, the applicants are highly recommended to repeatedly check out the updated regulations and policies on relevant webpages of Italian consulates/embassies as well as “University-specific Online Pre-registration” such as Turin.

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