US High School Graduates

3 AP transcripts or B.A. or B.Sc. degree are required.

In order to apply for the Italian English Medical Universities (IEMU), the applicants with American high school diploma (*including foreign students who have graduated an international school following American education system or American high school) must meet the following requirement, together with a procedure called “Declaration of Value (*Dichiarazione di valore,)” which certifies an equivalency of 12-year long primary and secondary education completion to that of Italian one. This is related NOT to one’s nationality/citizenship but to the school system that governs its jurisdiction over the high school (*secondary school) where an applicant has graduated from.

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are essential.

According to Italian Consulate General of Detroit, specifically, any “non-Italian” student wishing to apply for an Italian English Medical University must have a High School Diploma as well as meet at least one of the following requirements:

• taken three U.S. Advanced Placement tests (APs), one of which must be in Italian, in three different subjects but relevant to the chosen course of study at the University, and received a passing grade in each (score ranging from 3 to 5);
• have completed one academic year of “College” with certification of acceptance into the second year, and taken four Advanced Placement tests (AP) in subjects that are relevant to the chosen course of study at the University, having received a passing grade in each (score ranging from 3 to 5);
• have completed two academic years of “College” with certification of acceptance into the third year.

*An “AP” in Italian language will not count in the three “AP” requirement for students who have Italian citizenship or for enrolment in courses taught entirely in English.

**It is strongly recommended for an applicant to have accomplished AP courses/exams of Biology/Chemistry and Physics since these are a crucial part of the first year subjects at any Italian medical universities.

Cover Letter is required for diploma and transcript.

In summary, any individual applicant that has graduated a high school under American system mush submit the required documents listed as below and are highly recommended to make at least 2 photocopies and have them scanned prior to submission:

  1. application form
  2. high school diploma and transcript
  3. AP transcripts
  4. optional College/University statements
  5. optional Bachelor’s degree diploma and transcripts
  6. copy of passport
  7. passport photos (2)
  8. “pre-paid” and “self-addressed” envelope

▣ List of  “What You Need” – US High School Graduates

1. Application Form (*Pre-Enrollment Application Form)

2. High School Diploma and Transcripts “with Apostille” 

3. AP official certificate/transcripts”with Apostille”

4. (if applicable) Official Statement/Transcript from College/University of 1 or2 years of completed studies, indicating the type of study program and the total number of credit hours  (with granted admission to the following academic year)

5. (if applicable) Bachelor’s degree diploma + transcripts “with Apostille”

(***All transcripts must clearly state: student’s full name, name of the school, school year(s) of reference, last year of school completed, final grades, date of graduation, and grading scale)

6. A copy of the student’s passport

7. Two passport sized photographs

8. A “pre-paid” AND “self-addressed” envelope (*Express Mail, UPS, FedEx, etc.) to return the original documents back to the applicant once they are processed.

(**** All documents provided, including cover letters, must be translated into Italian language, clearly printed – NOT handwritten – by certified translators listed on the webpage of Italian consulate in the jurisdiction where your high school is located. Do NOT staple this translation to the original document)

(***** Declarations of value (Dichiarazione di valore) usually take about 4 calendar weeks or longer. Be sure to prepare and submit all the required documents with ample time to ensure to be fully ready in time.)

Information must be verified by Italian Consulates within US.

This information was collected from different webpages of Italian consulates general in the United States.

For verification and confirmation purposes, all applicants MUST individually contact an appropriate Italian consulate whose jurisdiction governs the high school that they have graduated from.

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