▣ Premium Membership Services

  1. Countries of Service: Italy, Hungary, and other European countries
  2. What are included: in-depth consultation, verification of the documents required for different universities (*and their revision,) and online diagnostic test and evaluation
  3. Service Delivery: Email and/or ZOOM
  4. Valid for 12 months upon complete payment
  5. Country-specific documentations are advised by individual consultations
  6. Admission Test resources + MSAT Diagnostic Test Evaluation (*what to prepare…)
  7. Service Fee of €580

Country that you Apply For
Country of Your High School
Your Full Name

▣ Additional Services

(*additional charges, terms and conditions apply)

  1. Certified Translation (*public notary is NOT included)
  2. Health Insurance (*mandatory for VISA application, valid throughout EU)
  3. Itinerary booking (*for your travel to relevant admission testing locations in EU)
  4. Housing service (*dormitories, guesthouses, hotels, or B&Bs in EU)
  5. Airport pick-up service (*upon your very first arrival to your accommodation)

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