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Once in your lifetime, there shall be a momentum which will lead you to a completely different way from the one you will have been walking through. In other words, you may find somehow unexpected values of the things that you may take for granted, once you are there to help those who are in need.

In Pécs, Hungary, quite a number of international medical students have gotten involved with different volunteer activities, helping “foster care children, orphans, Roma communities, child patients, other retired volunteer activists, and local schools.” Also, if there is any catastrophic natural disaster happening in totally other parts of the world, these student volunteers organize fundraisers, blood donation drives, as well as clothing donations even sometimes in the middle of their most important final exams. Merely, this is impossible without any good will to help others, especially the younger generations, and you will also be one of those volunteers.

We arrange a number of volunteer opportunities that can either go along with your semesters at medical schools or attract you an exotic village where you will learn more and feel helped out by the residents there. Of course, you can also suggest a new destination with a “fair tourism and trade” by means of your stay during summer months.

  • Looking for some motivational experience before and during your studying medicine?
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