In short, many of the English Programs of Italian Medical Universities DO require all transfer applicants to TAKE IMAT (*regular and universal admission test for the English Programs of public medical universities) and then request separate Transfer application at each university of their interest (*and for many universities, the applicants should currently attend an “English-taught medical university“.)

However, as University of Bologna, some universities actually publish separate “Call for Transfer” around May and June so that the possible applicants can separately apply for these universities. However, again, this is exclusively allowed for “current medical students of English programs” either in Italy or any other countries.

Depending on the available (= empty) spots of each year (*from 2nd up to 5th), the applicants may receive an acceptance letter from their prospect university “even in May or later” due to very complex admission system operated by the Italian public universities.

Meanwhile, transfer to “Private Universities” takes much easier form since they require mostly “the students currently attending at English medical school with decent GPA.”

For either case of Transfer Application, the available spots are usually between 1 and 3 per year and NOT ALL universities offer this transfer application. Also, all “non-EU” applicants MUST go through with “Pre-Enrollment” at their Italian consulates general, meaning they need to prepare all the documents as required for “regular IMAT takers from non-EU countries.”

Our 12-month “paid-membership” offers the entire details of the admission process, with “additional, country-specific” requirements and consultation with our regional specialists at only €480.

Credit Transfer

In case a candidate does NOT get a spot as “transfer,” there still is a chance to apply for “Credit Transfer,” which will be more simply decided/accepted by their NEW university (*yes, in this case, the applicant must be ACCEPTED as 1st year) by means of “convalidato.” For many cases, the students coming to their NEW universities as 1st year students quite often get “appointed to 2nd or 3rd year” officially by the secretary of medical faculty as far as they have “successfully completed more than approximately 70% of the compulsory subjects of 1st/2nd years, respectively.”

In other words, unlike the usual “Transfer” process, this way of “Credit Transfer” seems to be more often realized and practiced for many students coming from another English medical universities, not only within EU but also in non-EU countries, if lucky enough.

Admission Test Exemption

Unfortunately, but more naturally, the applicants with BSc or higher degrees (*even from biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or nursing majors) cannot get away from taking the IMAT as regular applicants. Once again, this is due to the principle of “One Single Universal Admission Evaluaton” by means of IMAT since it is NOT an individual admission testing from each university BUT a uniform and universal ranking system created for all EU-native applicants.

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