Cheap English, Cheaper German

Languages DO matter, when it comes to the instruction language at medical schools in Germany.

For the majority of “German” medical universities, all foreign students pay around $1,000 – $3,000 USD per year as tuition fee (*all-inclusive). However, this is the case for “only German-taught” programs, which are not of a big interest to many of international (non-German speaking) applicants seeking for “medical degrees” from Europe.

Rather, this one very specific English-taught medical university in Hamburg, Germany draws much more attention to the international applicants, especially the ones with either near-native English language skills or simply native English speakers. This “international” medical campus offers its very new and upscale medical degree program in English language with state-of-art teaching facilities in Hamburg, where quite many Americans visiting or residing to work with those multi-national companies and research centers.

Since this campus is NOT government funded at all (*meaning 100% private), it does charge somewhat more expensive than the other competitors in Europe. Still, its tuition fee and living cost altogether falls on approximately 20% of what US medical schools charge.

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