Application Procedure

  1. Online Registration through University Pre-Enrollment (*Document Upload)
  2. Fee Payment (*Administration Fee, Exam Fee, Registration Fee, Service Charge)
  3. Written Exam + Oral Interview (*see below)

Admission Test

  • Written Exam (60%) + Oral Interview (40%)
  • Biology, Chemistry, General Knowledge (*SAT subject test level)
  • Weighted Topic during Oral Interview Motivation to study medicine


  • Oral Interview (15-30 minutes) can be more prioritized depending on the responses of applicants
    • personal background
    • previous activities in medical field
    • qualification and motivation for medical studies
    • career prospects in medicine (*practice or research)
    • communication and empathy skills
    • German language skills and cultural appreciation (*can award additional points)
  • Written Exam consists of Multiple Choice Questions
    • biology
    • chemistry
    • general knowledge
  • Exam in Hamburg (*by appointment)
  • Overseas Exams (*currently not planned)
  • Minimum requirements may vary depending on the “Country where Secondary Education was completed
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