Junior Internship

Italy - Greece - Spain - Switzerland


Splendid Summer with World Heritages

Junior internship
to experience authentic Europe
for intermediate school students

What is Junior internship?

Our students spend 3 - 5 weeks in various locations of Europe, where they find "World Heritage Sites" to first learn the local language, culture, and history before participating as "junior curators" at local museums and civic centers. All participants must be recommended by their school instructors before application. Upon completion, the participants will obtain official certificate issued by the state/private universities and/or governmental organizations of Europe.

Why Europe?
What is so Special?

Europe is the center to historical and cultural legacy of Western World for over 2,000 years. Many North American students come to visit Europe to find their roots as well as Student Exchange Programs. Compact but concrete seminars on European culture, language, and history will nourish your academic career, not to mention this certified junior internship programs from the universities/institutions, and governmental organizations.

What kind of tasks?

Our participants will first learn the local language, culture, and history prior to joint projects to make English tour guide booklets and on-site curation as junior interns at local museums, galleries, and other civic facilities of Europe. Furthermore, they will have different opportunities to volunteer at local hospitals, schools, refugee facilities, and civic centers to share their cultural events. For those with language certificates/credits in French, German, Greek, Italian, or Spanish, more individual tasks may be appointed to make the best use of this Junior Internship Europe.

Best Benefits
You will have



Every year, you will get to choose from almost all European countries, among which Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland are the most popular destinations. For this summer 2020, Italy-Switzerland-Hungary are organized.


Pricing Options

Depending on the duration of each program, the prices vary from $4,790 USD up to $7,790 USD. For example, our top-picked program of 2020 (*Italy-Switzerland-Hungary) costs $4,790 if you book as "Early Bird Discount (*complete payment until Jan 30, 2020)." Meanwhile, the regular price is $5,790 USD / person.



This Junior Internship Europe is fully certified by different state universities of Europe. For the summer 2020, the following universities will host our Junior Interns from the US/Canada.
▪︎ Italy - University of Bari Aldo Moro
▪︎ Switzerland - University of Sankt Gallen
▪︎ Hungary - Debrecen University and Eötvös Loránd University


Accommodation, Insurance, Itinerary

The basic accommodation type is either Guest House or 2-star Hotels, with a possibility of "Home Stay" for selected participants with separate application. All participants will be fully insured during the entire program. "Intercontinental" itineraries are included, depending on pricing options.


Add "Family travel"

We welcome any of your family members to join in this European Summer, with additional charges depending on the duration of stay and additional programs exclusive for family members - golf in Spain, cruise ship in Creta, shopping in Paris.

Why is this "so cheap?"

Unlike American universities and colleges, hosting "student programs" is partially funded sometimes by local governments in Europe. Also, except for highly popular destinations like Rome, London, Milan, and Paris, the majority of European tourist attractions do have "reasonable" pricing options for guest houses and smaller hotels. Also, our certified programs have more of "additional options" depending on the requests of participants, from business class itinerary to 4-star hotels, and many other prestigious excellency programs hidden from public.

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