EU Meducation® is an “MEDICAL” educational agency, providing most succinct and relevant information regarding European English Medical Universities (EEMU).

Through “Online and Offline consultations,” our individual specialists throughout Europe, Asia, and North America can have more “prompt accesses” to regional medical schools and teaching hospitals, not to mention other higher education institutions including universities.

Our aim is to provide our clients (*students, their families, and teachers) with the most efficient ways to prepare for their future careers as medical professionals through various practical tips and experiences of European English Medical Universities (EEMU).

Here are the service categories we proudly provide on this web site.

✔︎ EU Pre-Med (*1-2 semesters Foundation Year)

✔︎ Online Application (*Pre-Med and Universities)

✔︎ Online Consulting (*regular and premium)

✔︎ European Summer College (*Internship + Tourism)