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Here are the list of documents required in general for the applicants.

Please contact us to find the specified documentation requirements for different countries where your High School is/was located.

All official document required may vary due to Additional Country-Specific regulations applied by Italian Consulates General.

Some of the documents must be submitted together with “Public Notarization and/or Certified Translation” that could be verified with us.

✔︎ Most of documents must be uploaded during your Online Application indicated below.

Our 12-month Paid-Membership offers the entire details of the admission process, with country-by-country requirements and consultation with our regional specialists at only €480.

The following documents are required for ALL applicants and must be uploaded during the Online Application here.

  1. High School Diploma/Certificate
  2. High School Transcript
  3. Photograph (*with notarization form from Italian consulates)
  4. Passport
  5. Completed FORM-A (*available from Italian consulates)

DV stands for Dichiarazione di valore (*Declaration of Values,) which affirms your high school graduation has the same values as the Italian HS graduates. 

DV certificate is issued after the formal “Pre-Enrollment” at your Italian Consulates General, where your “HS diploma” is issued and governed, NOT where you Reside (or Resided.)

Depending on the Italian consulates with appropriate jurisdiction of your HS qualifications, you may be required to submit “additional documents” such as SAT/AP score reports (*this is additional country-specific regulation and may differ from one country to another.)

Please contact us for more details.

All documents must be uploaded during the Online Application here.

In general, the Pre-Enrollment at Italian Consulates takes place between Mar and Jun (*the precise dates may differ every year.)

Apart from this Pre-Enrollment at Italian Consulates, you may complete “Online Pre-Registration” for certain universities such as Turin and Pavia. However, this “Online Pre-Registration” must be verified directly from each university web site, depending on your preferred choices.

Usually, the official IMAT registration system is open in Jun/Jul and registration fee is about $150 USD. 

However, this period and fee may change with prior notice every year. Therefore, please check out the dates with us and/or your Italian consulates.

Depending on your country of residence, some Italian consulates (like in Seoul, Korea) mandate all IMAT applicants to obtain VISA and take IMAT at the university of their 1st choice (*in Italy.) This is in order to prevent any “unfavorable circumstances” for the applicants in case they get “accepted by the university” but cannot meet the deadline to enroll by themselves with VISA (*VISA is mandatory for all non-EU applicants at the time of their enrollment procedure.)

Therefore, if your Italian Consulates mandate to apply for VISA, this is usually handled between Jul and Aug so that you can physically enter the Italian border to take IMAT at the university of your 1st choice.

Unless your Italian Consulates have any other policy, you may want to start VISA application process “right after IMAT,” once you already know if your exam can be quite successful or not. 

*If you are accepted but cannot enter Italy without new VISA, your new university MOST LIKELY DECLINE your enrollment via “phone or email,” without your physical presence at the university office with ALL your documents ready. 

On your behalf, only by your subscription, EU Meducation provides “Pre-Enrollment,” “DV application,” “IMAT registration,” and “VISA application” services, together with “Itinerary and Accommodation Booking” as well as “Health Insurance Subscription,” which is mandatory for all non-EU applicants to have “unlimited, full-coverage” health insurance for 12 months.

The accepted payment methods are:

  • Credit/Debit cards (*Mastercard, VISA, or AMEX)
  • Paypal, Inc.
  • Bank Transfer

Upon completion of the Online Application, the applicant will receive a separate email with payment notification, whose due amount varies depending on “subscribed services” (with promotional discounts.)

The payment details can be found from the email or your designated agent from EU Meducation.

Official Form A

  • available from your Italian Consulates

High School Diploma / School Leaving Certificate

  • from an accredited high school / senior secondary school
  • Registration number of documents should be indicated
  • If you are still in your final year and you do not have a high school leaving certificate yet, please submit the following School Certificate, filled in and signed, by your current school authority

High School transcripts 

  • from high school / senior secondary school courses


  • with official passport size and white background, with NO glasses/hats/accessories allowed
  • 2 photographs
  • official “notarization form” must be completed, available from your Italian Consulates

Copy of passport

  • photo page with your personal data
  • signature page (*if on a separate page)

⑥ Your Italian Consulate may request additional documents as well as qualifications. 

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