Italian vs. Hungarian, Compared

(a) Italian Medical Universities
(b) Hungarian Medical Universities
Europe offers “Cheap & Good” education programs

Just to give you a brief idea of pros and cons for both Italian and Hungarian medical universities, here we post two quick-fact-comparisons. In short, each has unique characteristics, which may appeal to you or not.

The most common features of EEMU (European English Medical Universities) are:

  1. 6-year programs
  2. taught in English
  3. accreditation by nearly the same countries worldwide
  4. with guaranteed EU accreditation and medical license
  5. USMLE preparatory/eligible programs

A. Italian Medical Universities (18 programs active, as of January 2020)


B. Hungarian Medical Universities (4 universities with Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, as of January 2020)

Eventually, it is highly recommended to prepare “BOTH” countries due to the following reasons:

  1. Admission Subjects are similar (*if Italian candidates are well-prepared, they can apply for Hungarian exams more easily)
  2. Admission Timelines are different (*Feb-Jun for Hungarian while Italian exam is held in Sep; Italian private universities have exams in Feb – May)
  3. Italian universities are “far more competitive than Hungarian ones” (*take Hungarian universities to secure your position in case of failing from Italian ones)
  4. Italian universities are “far cheaper than Hungarian ones” (*a variety of scholarships and funding options available for all students at Italian universities)

▣ How to prepare for the admissions?

Our dedicated Foundation Year Programs (or Pre-Med Courses) in Budapest, Hungary and in Rome, Italy can secure your “successful admission results” as well as “practical settle down in Europe” with our fully experienced “Admission Prep + European Language Instruction” staffs from the local schools and universities (*some of them are even graduate/current medical students from Germany, Italy, and Hungary.) 

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