Flights and Accommodation

Your Relocation Gets Easier with Us

We arrange the air itinerary and temporary accommodation with both budget options and moderate/reasonable options. Even “luxurious” itinerary with Business Class and professional realtor coordinators upon your request. Housing and dealing with your temporary residence permit application is another “handiest” service we provide. 

For instance, we instruct and assist our client-students to better navigate themselves around their “new towns and homes” without getting lost (in the middle of Google search results.) The real Gurus are there to support you from the itinerary to finding a new home.

Let’s say, this is one of our supportive instruction writings given to our Pre-Med students coming to Rome, Italy.

“When entering our dedicated Pre-Med course of Rome, Italy, all students are offered more practical, reasonable, and secured accommodation options, especially compared with a private short-term lease or guest house rates. Please refer to the following detailed instructions from one of our offers available in Rome, Italy (*the actual accommodation may vary depending on availability.)”

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