Czech Republic


Just like their competitors neighboring in central Europe, Czech medical universities are accredited by WDOMS / ECFMG to qualify for USMLE application and its subsequent steps.

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Czech Republic has been chosen as one of the first destinations by a lot of American/Canadian students who wanted to avoid either highest competitive admission or 6-digit amount of student loan to pay for their medical schools in North America.

Living in such a beautiful country makes those international medical students suffer from its all-year-round touristic attractions and repeat a year or two, possibly due to these distractions. Still, one of the benefits you will find is “secured study track” once you are accepted by its medical universities, which is a quite different story in Hungary, where the majority of medical students are being trained by higher standards of completing each subject, especially of the first two years.

However, these two countries have many more things in common, such as cold winter with a lot of snow, historical and cultural heritages of living environment, and “approximately under 20,000 USD” of annual tuition fees with quite modest living cost unless you look forward to a luxurious life style during your medical studies.


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