IMAT 2020 Result Comparison: “Spots”

English programs are smaller than 50% of Italian ones.

Since IMAT 2017, some of the Italian medical universities have been adjusting its English program class size depending on the application results between EU and non-EU applicants. For instance, the universities such as Naples Luigi Vanvitelli (*or Campania or SUN,) Messina, and Turin have decreased/moderated their non-EU spots after 2 years of “unfilled” 1st round enrollment for the non-EU candidates.

Seemingly, the reason behind is that many non-EU citizens are not too familiar to these Italian cities unlike Milan, Rome, and Bologna with their all-time touristic attraction, in the first place. However, these cities tend to have shown “more benefits and well-established hospitality for their international students” at the level of regional governments, by offering more “scholarship opportunities,” not to mention relatively “lower living costs,” compared to the “norther league (*Pavia, Milan, Padova, and Bologna).”

Meanwhile, Pavia has offered the largest capacity for both EU and non-EU students ever since it has initiated the “Italian English Medical Degree Course” about a decade ago. Thanks to its initiatives and cooperative competition together with the University of Milan (*La statale or IMS,) Pavia’s Harvey course has been accommodating quite high number of EU and non-EU graduate medical doctors working around the world, including California, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and the other EU member states, just to name a few.

However, this does NOT mean or limit the efficacy of the other Italian English medical schools comparatively since the other English medical schools in the country have relatively shorter period of operation history, which naturally have limited “the number of accepted, active, and graduate students” of their own yet. Rather, this “gap” of recognition and popularity between the degree programs shall be overcome as years go by and their operational expertise parallels their “Italian” programs within a couple of years.

“If you choose smaller groups, you will have more opportunities and flexibilities during course activities.”

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