Anonymous Result – IMAT 2021

The official “anonymous” result of IMAT 2021 was released today. With the barcodes obtained during the exam session, the applicants can figure out if their score is valid without any issue and how their scores from different sections were officially collected. Since the barcodes reveal the exam locations, it is also possible to estimate the overall score distributions for each university, based on which the estimated “average and lowest” scores for each university, together with some additional statistical reports collected from the previous years.

This “anonymous” result already reflects any “nullified” applicant data as well as any “error” found in question/answer of the official IMAT 2021. Therefore, it is rarely possible to have any “revision” of the individual scores after this point on. Rather, on September 30 (Thu), the individual applicants will receive their “individual score reports,” available at website. After one more week, most probably on October 7 (Thu), each university is expected to announce “ranking list for non-EU applicants” apart from the single “national ranking list” for Italian applicants, EU applicants, and non-EU applicants who “are officially residents within Italy (*not EU).”

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