Is it too “DIFFICULT” to obtain information from the consulates?!

▣ What we offer:

  1. Countries of Service: Italy, Hungary, and other European countries
  2. Service Categories: Document list and revision, certified translation (*endorsed by consulates,) online diagnostic test and evaluation
  3. Service Delivery: Email, Whatsapp®, and Phone calls
  4. Valid for 180 days upon complete payment
  5. Country-specific documentations are advised by individual consultations
  6. Admission Test resources + Diagnostic Test Evaluation (*what to prepare…)


▣ Additional services available with additional charges

  1. Health Insurance Policy (*mandatory for VISA application, valid throughout EU)
  2. Itinerary booking (*for your travel to relevant admission testing locations in EU)
  3. Accommodation booking (*dormitories, guesthouses, hotels, or B&Bs in EU)
  4. Airport pick-up service (*upon your very first arrival to your accommodation)

After completing your payment, we will send out the notification email within 3 hours. 

In case you have NOT filled out the application form yet, please contact us here to fill out the form.