Tuition Fee – Germany

For the majority of “German” medical universities, all foreign students pay around $1,000 – $3,000 USD per year as tuition fee (*all-inclusive). However, this is the case for “only German-taught” programs, which are not of a big interest to many of international (non-German speaking) applicants seeking for “medical degrees” from Europe.

Rather, this one very specific English-taught “international” medical university in Hamburg, Germany draws much more attention to the international applicants, especially the ones with either near-native English language skills or simply native English speakers. This university offers its very new and upscale medical degree program in English language with state-of-art teaching facilities in Hamburg, where quite many Americans visiting or residing to work with those multi-national companies and research centers.

Since this university is NOT government funded at all (*meaning 100% private), it does charge somewhat more expensive than the other competitors in Europe. Still, its tuition fee and living cost altogether falls on approximately 20% of what US medical schools charge.

  • Regular tuition fee for non-EU students in Hamburg: appx. $15,000 per semester
  • Special tuition fee for non-EU students in Romania: appx. $3,500 per semester

(*The details and exact amount of tuition fee will vary, depending on EUR-USD conversion rates.)

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