QS Top Medical Universities Ranking 2020

Which medical school is good?

[Zürich] To give you a brief answer to the question above, here we found another ranking list that many of English-speaking students refer to, as an easy and intuitive understanding of “good or best” medical schools in Europe. However, to be fair enough, this kind of list is NOT one of the major interests to European university applicants, probably except for the UK students that are more influenced by different ranking systems as the US students refer to College Board ranking system and so on. Simply, it is far more important to European students where they complete the residency programs around Europe since it is even more frequent for them to study medicine in another country than their home countries.

The following list is announced by QS Top Universities (*all rights reserved by QS Top Universities ranking) – in the field of Life Science and Medicine as of 2020 and may or may not reflect the practical values for international applicants. Still, this ranking list will give you an intuitive answer to the question: which medical school is still good enough, compared to the ones in your country/region.

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