University Admission 2020-2021


[Rome] Due to COVID-19 pandemic disruptions all around the world, most of the university applicants have been suffering from this year’s worldwide delays and changes in application processes unless otherwise they have experienced “cancellation.” Still, this pandemic does not stop any future medical students from stepping in the way to become medical professionals, especially in Italy where is known to record one of the most victimized countries. Fortunately, still, many of its administrative and academic systems seem to have come back on the “near-to” usual/normal tracks and have been announcing a multiple of decrees, which its majority of applicants have been looking forward to for the last three months ever since the COVID-19 outbreaks were reported in different countries around Europe.

Here we have at least 2 very important changes in terms of IMAT and university application for non-EU applicants, who are currently and officially residing “outside European Union.” As usual, these non-EU applicants should go through with further qualification certification process depending on their academic background, specifically “in which countries/regions they graduate(d) from high schools.” Also, they need to apply for a VISA with specifically endorsed for university enrollment, which ALL non-EU applicants must obtain prior to entering the Italian border, apart from the current “visa waiver programs” available for certain countries, unless they are currently official residents within European Union.

Currently, the Italian Ministry of University and Research just announced this year’s university admission decree in Italian language, and you may expect to have a separate “English” decree, specifically governs the programs of “Medicine & Surgery in English” as usual. Until then, you can still download this temporary translation of the original Italian document for a quick glance.


  • Declaration of values
    • academic qualification certification process
    • HS graduation certificates (and transcripts for the last 3 years of education) as minimum requirement
    • additional academic reports may apply (e.g. 3 successfully completed subjects from AP, including biology/chemistry, for the applicants with US high school graduation)
    • additional personal credentials may be required
    • public notarization or certification with Italian translation required (*additional fees)
    • proxy and/or electronic submission may or may NOT be allowed
    • available at the Italian consular section with the jurisdiction of your HS
    • NOT related to your citizenship or current residence
    • the very first step of application before online registration
    • fees may apply depending on regions
    • non-EU applicants with ITALIAN high school diploma will NOT need
    • for non-EU applicants with IB, AP, and A-level, these are NOT automatically considered to be qualified (*still need to obtain DV)


  • Pre-Enrollment
    • NEW online platform is available at portal
    • additional “pre-registration” at certain universities (e.g. Pavia, Turin) may be required
    • no later than 20 July, 2020
    • DV should be obtained from the Italian consular section and uploaded with other credentials (e.g. passport)
    • major and university of your 1st choice should be defined and cannot be changed after submission
    • all “non-EU” citizens living “in ITALY (*not EU)” are considered to be “EU applicants,” only with “residence permit” for more than 24 months at the time of university application, officially


  • IMAT registration and payment
    • available at the same “” portal used for Pre-Enrollment
    • specific registration period is available directly from the web page
    • online payment is available with credit/debit cards
    • test location must be chosen from the list (*with some limitation/cancellation due to COVID-19)
    • for security reasons, it is recommended to take the IMAT “at the university campus of your first choice in ITALY”
    • overseas test locations may or may not be responsibly controlled in case of any emergency situation with COVID-19
    • all “non-EU” citizens living “in ITALY (*not EU)” are considered to be “EU applicants” with “residence permit” for more than 24 months at the time of university application, officially
    • the test results will be uploaded by the individual universities for non-EU applicants
    • EU applicants will be ranked and scrolled throughout “a unified ranking list (Italians + the other EU applicants)”


  • VISA application
    • required for ALL non-EU applicants at the time of “university registration” and “residence permit application”
    • in case you take the IMAT in Italy and return to your home country, you may not need additional visa to travel “only to take the IMAT in Italy,” depending on the VISA waiver programs
    • otherwise, apart from VISA waiver programs, all “Admitted non-EU applicants” MUST obtain a specific visa for university enrollment
    • obtained from any Italian consulates/embassy where your current residence is verifiable
    • financial documentation may be requested (e.g. bank statement of the applicant as well as the parents with no less than 17,000 USD or any other designated amount by the Italian consular section with the jurisdiction)
    • additional fees may apply
    • depending on the visa issuance (and its estimated time taken), the applicants may enter Italy between Oct – Jan
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