Ways to European Med-School?

Two Best Ways

Here you can choose from two offers:

  • EU Pre-Med (*12-week or 28-week)
  • SmartClassroom® (*AI-assisted online course)

Our “EU Pre-Med” consists of different/mixed programs around major cities in Europe such as Budapest, Hamburg,  Rome, Milan, Bologna, or Naples. Depending on the destinations, the students can choose to take either a “single” course in one city or a “multi-city” program that offers a wide range of living experience in various cities (*average stay period lasts between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on availability as well as their budgets.)

Meanwhile, simply students can prepare at a reasonable cost, subscribing our dedicated SmartClassroom® offering “Video Lectures, Question Banks, and Online Tutors from European Medical Universities” that are assisted by AI engine, which evaluate the real-time learning outcomes of the students and formulates the upcoming lessons and contents fully based on learner’s experience.



  • Location: Hamburg (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Rome/Milan (Italy)
  • Common Requirement: High School Transcript and Diploma (*or equivalent) + SAT/ACT score report
  • Additional Requirement for US High School graduates: 3 AP subjects (*transcripts of 3 or higher) or 2-year university transcripts (*BA or BSc only)
  • Language Requirement: IELTS 7.0+ or TOEFL iBT 80+ (*exempted for Native English speakers with credential verified)
  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Histology, Medical English, Language (*additional European language and culture)
  • Duration: 28-week or 12-week
  • Tuition: €9,700(*28-week) or €7,700(*12-week)
  • Starting months: Nov (*28-week) / Mar (*12-week)


Application or Subscription

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