Converzum School of Budapest, Hungary

Paris of Central Europe, it is how people call Budapest more often than not.

Tourism is one of the first things that Budapest stands out for the most of cases. Even this city is far more well known than its own country, Hungary. Yes, this is so true.


What surprises more can be its famous “Medical Education” in and around Europe, with its credible history of 30+ years when it comes to English Medical Universities.

What? English?

Yes, English.

You don’t need to speak Hungarian language at all before you start studying medicine in Hungary since they teach “in English.”


In Budapest, you can study “Pre-Med” course of either 1 or 2 semesters in English language, preparing the admission tests (biology/chemistry/medical English) of Hungarian medical schools (6-year) as well as basic Hungarian language, culture, and history. All students are provided with housing options (*dormitory/hotel/flat) as well as “European Campus Tours” during their stay.

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