Leonardo School of Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome.

Italy itself is a huge open-air museum.

Even though this seems to be so lame, it is still legit.

Yes. There are thousands of students coming to Rome, Italy each year in order to spend their summer holidays in this glorious capital with lively history of Italy, also an origin of European culture and history.


Apart from all of its classics – history and culture – around its territory, Italy has another hidden gem of “English Medical Education.” This country of Leonardo Da Vinci has around 15 “English Medical Universities,” where all future doctors, dentists, and pharmacists with international career background study in English language. To our surprise, their tuition fee ranges between 300 USD and 5,000 USD per year (with an exception to those private ones ranging around 16,000 USD which seems still a discount, compared to US and UK medical schools,) and this makes it harder and harder to get in, unless you are solidly prepared for its national admission test, IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) including Logical Thinking, General Knowledge, Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics.

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For your most successful exam preparation, Leonardo School of Rome offers its tailor-made Pre-Med courses of English, either 1 or 2 semesters. All students are provided with housing and meal options, together with additional “European Campus Tour” packages allowing its international applicants to explore different medical universities around Italy and other countries, depending on seasons.

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